International Schools

International Schools


Direct Support:

We offer support directly to your child at their school (no travel requirements on your behalf).  This offers valuable environmental information through observations and school staff interviews that would not be possible if the child were to travel to us.  In addition, the child is in their natural environment and therefore the data collected is of better quality.

Tailor made support:

Every child is different and their needs will be met in different ways.  As such, the assessments and intervention work we offer are based on the individual child's particular circumstance and abilities.  This bespoke approach ensures maximum improvement for a child, through careful assessment and planning in partnership with the child, their parents/ carers and education staff.

Longer term support:

Having carried out careful assessment work in school, we are able to continue to offer support remotely (from the UK) if required.  This can be in the form of general ongoing advice or more strategic reviews of the youngster's education plan as required.